TV appearance on BBC’s The One Show

I appeared on the BBC’s The One Show with Gyles Brandreth talking about John Constable and the effect his love affair with Maria had on his work.

This was due to my specialist interest in the subject as explored in my book   ‘Constable in Love‘.

Here’s a clip from the show…

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Van Gogh and Gauguin – talk the Royal Academy of the Arts

This is a recent talk I gave a the Royal Academy of the Arts

As described by the RA:

An evening talk in support of the exhibition ‘The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters’. Renowned author Martin Gayford brings to life the fraught two months in 1888 in which these two great artists shared a small house in Arles, the tensions that arose and the creative cross-pollination that resulted. Please note that parts of this recording have low levels of audio interference.

Listen to RA podcast of the event – MP3, 65 mins

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